“Shift your state of mind.”

Thync is a bioelectronics company developing pioneering treatments for autoimmune disorders and mental health. Thync’s non-invasive, bioelectronic platform effectively targets autonomic nerve pathways important in a number of disease processes while providing superior safety relative to pharmaceutical interventions.

For Thync, Eve was able to lead the integrated and experiential marketing team to grow brand awareness and drive sales through events, partnerships, public relations, and social campaigns. Through thoughtful brand strategy these communication and partnership initiatives carved out Thync’s emerging identity.

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200 Events


300+ Press Pieces


30+ Partnerships

“Thync isn’t out to alter the brain’s biology, but to allow better control of the energy, focus, and calm that are already naturally available to us”, co-founder and chief science officer Jamie Tyler says. “Coffee, alcohol, drugs; these are all neuro-enhancers,” Tyler says. “You’re already modifying your brain activity. Thync wants to better harness that command.
— Fortune
I was able to use Thync instead of that second cup of coffee to boost my energy in the afternoon. Last
Wednesday, a Thync vibe even coaxed me out of a late-afternoon lull to exercise. (Maybe its value can be measured in gym attendance.) I can see it appealing to some of my Type-A friends burned out on coffee or meditation.
— The Wall Street Journal
I didn’t have time to try out the Energy mode, but if it works as effectively as the Calm mode, it should make
users wired.
— TechCrunch