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To cultivate is to lay roots. Roots are the solid foundation from which we grow, and only once we lay roots can we bare fruit. 

Brands need roots too. We nurture your narrative, your aesthetic, and language to uncover and communicate your origin to give you life. Because life is for the living, so let’s cultivate it creatively.

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Meet Eve

I’m in love with the madness, the emotions that make life messy, the mystery that gives life purpose, the combination of states we go through to truly be living and the artful expressions that empower us to connect. I listen to and distill this chaos to find the place of balance, the source, the meaning, the magic.



Brand strategy to build your brand identity. Creative direction to implement and communicate your brand’s aesthetics. Cultural programming structures that align with your brand’s goals to ensure growth. And much, much more. 

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Case Studies

From partnering with NYFW, to spearheading global campaigns. See some of our best work and understand where we can fit into your business model.

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Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness.

— Allen Ginsberg