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I have always been fascinated by people’s stories, the way we communicate who we are, and how we come together to connect and create communities around these narratives and ideas. I love testing various modalities for being seen, heard, and witnessed. To see how differences in style expression, visual cues, curation of space, use of language, social gestures, and even small tweaks in tone can impact people’s perceptions and receptions to one another and the world around them. I want to align these perception and receptions as well as provide platforms for people to share and connect.


About Cultivate Creative

Born out of a love for expression, curation, and connection, as well as an observation of the need for more introspection, truth, and communities. Cultivate Creative emerged to provide the medium for people to know themselves, express themselves, and connect with others.

Cultivate Creative utilizes a uniquely personal and holistic approach, one that asks us to examine our internal self in order to create alignment with our external self. Cultivate Creative’s work believes that everyone has gifts to offer to the world. Gifts that the world needs to see and hear, and that can be uncovered through intentional communication and experiences.

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Eve Lewis,

Founder & Principal.

I am driven by mindfully guiding individuals and brands to be seen and heard. With years of experience in both creative and analytical roles, I can holistically lead a brand's narrative, vision, and growth. Whether for startups or large enterprises, I have successfully built lasting brand and marketing strategies and teams. As a dreamer and entrepreneur, I am motivated by tapping into internal work and thinking beyond the norm to cultivate connections among people and ideas. I have formulated these connections through my development of community programs, events, social campaigns, brand narratives, and written and visual language.

As a trained facilitator, sociologist, trend forecaster, writer, and artist, I am a distiller of the world. I listen, observe, feel, empathize, uplift, craft, curate, connect, create— focusing on your personal narrative and expression, as well as spaces and experiences. I uncover the point of connectivity between your art and humanity, distilling the chaos to find the place of balance, the source, the meaning, the magic.

Located in Brooklyn, New York.

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