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We all have stories to tell. I help to uncover the remarkable truth about yours and craft how best to communicate it with others. This communication takes form through crafting brand positioning, language, experiences, and style.



 To cultivate is to prepare the land, lay roots to ensure healthy growth. This process is the foundation for truthful communication and collaboration. To do this creatively is to tap into something profound and vulnerable. Creativity is imaginative and original — I tap into my ability to dream, to notice, and to express the beauty in the majestic and the mundane. This translates into a holistic design perspectives and thoughtful curation that resonates with individuals and connects communities.







Magic / Meaning

In this highly transient era, it is easy to lose sight and touch with who we are and what we stand for. Cultivate Creative will help you craft your brand narrative and ethos through design, languages, experiences, programs, and partnerships. Individuals and brands stand together, asking the same questions. Through a holistic approach to the exploration of self, analysis, and creative direction I aim to navigate the answers. We all have a story to tell, so together lets cultivate magic and meaning. 

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This is me, Eve.

I am driven by mindfully guiding individuals and brands to be seen and heard. With years of experience in both creative and analytical roles, I can holistically lead a brand's narrative, vision, and growth. Whether for startups or large enterprises, I have successfully built lasting brand and marketing strategies and teams. As a dreamer and entrepreneur, I am motivated by tapping into internal work and thinking beyond the norm to cultivate connections among people and ideas. I have formulated these connections through my development of community programs, events, social campaigns, brand narratives, and written and visual language.

As a trained facilitator, sociologist, trend forecaster, writer, and artist, I am a distiller of the world. I listen, observe, feel, empathize, uplift, craft, curate, connect, create— focusing on your personal narrative and expression, as well as spaces and experiences. I uncover the point of connectivity between your art and humanity, distilling the chaos to find the place of balance, the source, the meaning, the magic.

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